BVA Specific Rules

Because the Berkshire Volleyball Association plays 3 set matches rather than the standard 5 set matches, we have had to modify some of the rules. You can view and download a complete set of the rules below:

FIVB Rules

The Official Volleyball Rules are published by the FIVB. Occasionally these are reviewd and updated. The Rules of the Game page on their site provides a download of the rules as well as booklets that explain the most pertinent changes from previous versions. The page also provides guidelnes for applying the rules.

Entering a Team

If you’d like to enter a new team into the BVA league simply complete our contact form and let us know. We’ll then get in touch to explain what you need to do.

  • League subscription £60 per team
  • Goodwill deposit of £20 per team


We do not like giving out fines but in some cases there are situations where teams lose out on money because of avoidable situations regarding the rules we have the following fines in place:

  • Team Fielding an illegal player(s) £15 per player and default of Match
  • Default of match (Non attendance) Half the cost of the venue is payable to the host team,  £20 fine and the deduction of 1 league point
  • Failure to supply five match officials £10 per missing official
  • Failure to provide a qualified first referee (Person that has passed a VE Grade 4 Course or international equivalent) £20 and the deduction of league point
  • Illegal team uniform £10 per player (The fine for illegal team uniform is only applicable after a team has been warned on the first occurrence of such an offence)
  • Failure to submit match results to the BVA Website within two days – £10
  • Failure to submit Digital image of the Match Scoresheets to the Competitions Secretary within one week – £10
  • Not having a representative at the AGM £20
  • Late payment of fines £20 per 14 days

Clubs must send representatives to BVA committee meetings. The fines for non-attendance are:

  • Failure to attend a BVA committee meeting Warning Only
  • Failure to attend 2 consecutive BVA committee meetings £5
  • Failure to attend 3 consecutive BVA committee meetings £10
  • Failure to attend 4 consecutive BVA committee meetings £20

All monies received by the BVA via the Fines system will be put into a separate fund, the use of this fund is to be decided at the first BVA committee Meeting of each Season.