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The Berkshire Volleyball Association (BVA) organises the Berkshire Volleyball League, which comprises two men’s divisions, two ladies division and one mixed division in the league.

The objective of the Berkshire Volleyball Association is to promote and encourage the game of volleyball throughout the counties of Berkshire (and surrounding counties) and to act as the governing body for the sport in Berkshire.

Please contact us if you would like to enter a team.

MVPs - Mens Division 1

A FrancesFarnborough Vipers
D ZielinskiFarnborough Vipers
J WakefieldFarnborough Vipers
N SivillFarnborough Vipers
T MaciuszekFarnborough Vipers
P KubatyFarnborough Vipers
R KubatyFarnborough Vipers
A SowdenMaidenhead Mens
D MorganMaidenhead Mens
G NewsonMaidenhead Mens
J HodgsonMaidenhead Mens
I Debicki
Maidenhead Mens
J KhangosstarMaidenhead Men
S BirdMaidenhead Mens
C VermaakOxford Bulls
G DobryninOxford Vollox
G LiardOxford Bulls
M SwiderskiOxford Bulls
S DelavalleOxford Bulls
S GalanOxford Bulls
J WilliamsOxford Vollox
M StrooOxford Vollox
G WhiteheadOxford Vollox
G DevitaOxford Vollox
N SmithOxford Vollox
M GasivanauskiSpikeopaths Men 1
A LubosSpikeopaths Mens 1
G EkornrodSpikeopaths Mens 1
I MindaugasSpikeopaths Mens 1
K ShieldsSpikeopaths Mens 1
L AlfoldySpikeopaths Mens 1
M IvanuaskasSpikeopaths Mens 1
R CanningsSpikeopaths Mens 1
R ShalkerSpikeopaths Mens 1
A RosserSpikeopaths Mens 2
D ShortSpikeopaths Mens 2
O TimmsSpikeopaths Mens 2
S HolodSpikeopaths Mens 2
T JonesSpikeopaths Mens 2

MVPs - Mens Division 2

J BackhouseDidcot Mens
C LaunchberryDidcot Mens
D HaddockDidcot Mens
T NuttallDidcot Mens
A ThompsonDidcot Mens
K TaitFarnborough Hawks
J MauhouratFarnborough Hawks
R CarvalhoFarnborough Hawks
A MacleodFarnborough Hawks
E Radi BolanoFarnborough Hawks
R EnatoFarnborough Hawks
S SandlesOxford Bullox
F TibabuzoOxford Bullox
G LloydOxford Bullox
N SmithOxford Bullox
J WilliamsOxford Bullox
J WoodhamsOxford Bullox
Elwyn DaviesOxford Uni Mens
N WestOxford Uni Mens
CanninghamOxford Uni Mens
T RiffelmacherOxford Uni Mens
F EgloffOxford Uni Mens
H QuinninghamOxford Uni Mens
L BergmanOxford Uni Mens
G DiasOxford Uni Mens
M D'AngeliOxford Uni Mens
E LiangOxford Uni Mens
G VeggianiOxford Uni Mens
T CollierReading Aces Mens
Chris StentReading Aces Mens
N SpiertsReading Aces Mens
S CollierReading Aces Mens
G CollierReading Aces Mens
Thameem ShafiReading Aces Mens
R BrownReading Aces Mens
R McMenaminReading Uni
D CecereReading Uni
E RomoReading Uni
R JamesReading Uni
Choy Chung HeiReading Uni
R ShaikReading Uni
M BalattiReading Uni
B TeeReading Uni
D SternSpikeopaths Mens 3
D SpencerSpikeopaths Mens 3
E EspinSpikeopaths Mens 3
D ColebourneSpikeopaths Mens 3
G BevanSpikeopaths Mens 3
M KreutzSpikeopaths Mens 3
KrcalovaSpikeopaths Mens 3

MVPs - Ladies Division 1

A BrivuleBasingstoke Lioness
C DimmockBasingstoke Lioness
J NgiamBasingstoke Lioness
J WalmsleyBasingstoke Lioness
C Lane
Basingstoke Lioness
K YorkBasingstoke Lioness
E HillNewbury
S. McIntyreNewbury
P SaenulnNewbury
H. Kowalska
R AnsellNewbury
A SulewskaOxford Eagles
K WehrleOxford Eagles
M BraudOxford Eagles
S ThiemOxford Eagles
T GuidiOxford Eagles
G. SetteOxford Eagles
I FinchOxford Eagles
I NederlofReading University
J Ru WonReading University
L AltomaniReading University
L GhirardiReading University
M MaruniakReading University
M McGrathReading University
R StaplemannReading University
S AltonjiReading University
G NamaziSpikeopaths Ladies 1
J MezzarosSpikeopaths Ladies 1
K DaviesSpikeopaths Ladies 1
M ChrabatinovaSpikeopaths Ladies 1
Tanita Geiger
Spikeopaths Ladies 1
M GramescuSpikeopaths Ladies 1
C Blanchard
Spikeopaths Ladies 1

MVPs - Ladies Division 2

N MeadFarnborough Sirens
Manjella WagnerFarnborough Sirens
Luiza VinesFarnborough Sirens
H CiechanowiczFarnborough Sirens
Luiza NunezFarnborough Sirens
A conoeFarnborough Sirens
M SennaFarnborough Sirens
T FalzonFarnborough Sirens
G NicolsonOxford Falcons
J PasualOxford Falcons
C RicoOxford Falcons
K TunstallOxford Falcons
Jake D'CruzReading Aces Juniors
Delise LarsenReading Aces Juniors
David ColebourneReading Aces Juniors
A TranReading Aces Juniors
R SteinitzReading Aces Ladies
M Helmschrott-BowdenReading Aces Ladies
Steff LambertzReading Aces Ladies
C BrownReading Aces Ladies
G MarshallReading Aces Ladies
S CamberteReading Aces Ladies
R VasileSpikeopaths Ladies 2
A SlurezSpikeopaths Ladies 2
G NicolsonSpikeopaths Ladies 2
P SannaSpikeopaths Ladies 2
M ChabratinovaSpikeopaths Ladies 2
F SangsterSpikeopaths Ladies 2
J sannaSpikeopaths Ladies 2
D KrcalovaSpikeopaths Ladies 2

MVPs - Mixed Division

A ColemanBasingstoke Mixed
C LaneBasingstoke Mixed
D WoolrichBasingstoke Mixed
J NgiamBasingstoke Mixed
K YorkBasingstoke Mixed
N BickleBasingstoke Mixed
O TunhelmBasingstoke Mixed
A BrivuleBasingstoke Mixed
R HillBasingstoke Mixed
A NicholsMaidenhead Mixed 1
A ValentineMaidenhead Mixed 1
D MorganMaidenhead Mixed 1
E FirmeMaidenhead Mixed 1
G GrungMaidenhead Mixed 1
G NewsonMaidenhead Mixed 1
J KhangosstarMaidenhead Mixed 1
J MurphyMaidenhead Mixed 1
K KuldmaaMaidenhead Mixed 1
K SowdonMaidenhead Mixed 1
J HodgsonMaidenhead Mixed 2
J UlphMaidenhead Mixed 2
L MitchellMaidenhead Mixed 2
M BluetlerMaidenhead Mixed 2
R KuthoorMaidenhead Mixed 2
Z JasnikowskaMaidenhead Mixed 2
A McIntyreNewbury Academy
A.MilenkovNewbury Academy
O OnofreiNewbury Academy
O BirchNewbury Academy
R CottleNewbury Academy
L BirchNewbury Academy
R AnsellNewbury Academy
S McCulleyNewbury Academy
B CzechNewbury Hurricanes
E HillNewbury Hurricanes
J AyresNewbury Hurricanes
K GarciaNewbury Hurricanes
M HolmesNewbury Hurricanes
M KowalskaNewbury Hurricanes
M KuzminskasNewbury Hurricanes
D GoddenNewbury Hurricanes
P SaenlunNewbury Hurricanes
B FreyOxford Globetrotters
G SetteOxford Globetrotters
J WilliamsOxford Globetrotters
L GableOxford Globetrotters
M BraudOxford Globetrotters
N SmithOxford Globetrotters
F MarquezOxford Sharks
I FinchOxford Sharks
K WherleOxford Sharks
M MorlacchiOxford Sharks
H BremnerOxford Sharks
M WeglarzOxford Sharks
C MonzonOxford Sharks
T PerezOxford Sharks
C BrownReading Aces Mixed
J D'CruzReading Aces Mixed
S CollierReading Aces Mixed
T CollierReading Aces Mixed
A RadeckaReading Aces Mixed
R SteinitzReading Aces Mixed
T NivasReading Aces Mixed
A ZubosSpikeopaths Mixed 1
D KrcalovaSpikeopaths Mixed 1
J HodgsonSpikeopaths Mixed 1
J MezszarosSpikeopaths Mixed 1
K DaviesSpikeopaths Mixed 1
L AlfoldySpikeopaths Mixed 1
M GramescuSpikeopaths Mixed 1
NanoziSpikeopaths Mixed 1
R CanningsSpikeopaths Mixed 1
S WatersSpikeopaths Mixed 1
T GeigerSpikeopaths Mixed 1
C RestanqueSpikeopaths Mixed 2
I GoldfarbSpikeopaths Mixed 2
J EdwardsSpikeopaths Mixed 2
J MezzarosSpikeopaths Mixed 2
M ChrabatinovaSpikeopaths Mixed 2
C DiasSpikeopaths Mixed 2
N HaggisSpikeopaths Mixed 2
A RosserSpikeopaths Mixed 3
C Kendrick
Spikeopaths Mixed 3
D ColebourneSpikeopaths Mixed 3
D SternSpikeopaths Mixed 3
M KreutzSpikeopaths Mixed 3
P DaviesSpikeopaths Mixed 3
P SannaSpikeopaths Mixed 3
R BlackSpikeopaths Mixed 3
K PrakashSpikeopaths Mixed 3
R ClarkSpikeopaths Mixed 3