Welcome to the new BVA website!

Welcome to the new Berkshire Volleyball Association website.

We have tried to improve the layout and design of the website to make it easier for teams to find the information they’re looking for. With a fully responsive layout you can also view the site from your PC, iPad or phone with ease.

You will also notice that we will have an improved table layout keeping you up to date with how many sets you have won throughout the season.

We are also keen to start adding in more news features to keep the volleyball so if your team or club has something they would like to share on the site then please get in touch with Eddy.

It would be great to have some feedback on the website, things you would like to see on the site and ideas of how it could be improved. Simply leave a comment below.

If you notice any issues with the website please get in touch.

One response to “Welcome to the new BVA website!”

  1. Gisle says:

    The new site looks really good! Well done Eddy!

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